Sunday, January 13, 2013

deep peace of the quiet earth

I knew you would like these. I heard too that Chanterelles are growing under the oaks in record numbers in the Elfin Forest nearby. Yup, that's a real place full of pygmy oaks and ferns.

Its been months since I've done one, but I have made a new teapot all about gathering in  the woods. There is a poem on the back by John Clare and that's a snowy owl for a pull. But my favorite thing about this picture is the mushroom pin I'm wearing. Little white French knots and a stem made from bits of old cotton by Mary Stanley.
Mary sent me this just because she received one of my  fox ornaments from a friend for Christmas.
So I got a present too! The wonderful woodcut card by Clare Curtis came along with it.
Thank you Mary, I have already worn this pin three days in a row!
What else is new is that we have knocked out our old kitchen and most of the wall between it and the living room. The floors aren't going to be striped forever, Carpenter Joe had to rip up the old floor and re-used the old floor boards, so it will all be stained as the final step.

Now here we are today. The cupboards are in and the sink, the most beautiful sink I've ever seen, is on the floor. Kim just caulked the new seams of the bat and board ceiling and next week a built in shelf to the left of the hanging cupboard will be built,  and a hood above the stove and light fixtures. I've never done this before, so every time I need to get a light ; sink; pick a color or window I just think one word. Farmhouse. My start off point for this whole kitchen was a plain blue enamel teakettle. Kind of squatty and serviceable. And farmy of course.
Since its noisy in the house when the guys are working during the day, and I'm not cooking, I've been spending a lot more time in the studio and outside. Here's the bay near sunset.
I wonder who lives here? Its in Cumbria, U.K. They must feel the deep peace of the earth here.
That is from an Irish blessing, 'Deep peace of the quiet earth to you'.

p.s. the first thing i'm going to make are Asian sugar cookies three ways. ginger; orange; and cinnamon.
p.s.s. Downton Abbey tonight!
Thank you Connie for leading me to this Irish blessing.


Jone Hallmark said...

Your kitchen is going to be glorious! The light in there looks perfect already - onlyto get better, right?

And, yes! Your toadstool pin is wonderful. We ALL need one, I think.

Happy New Year, dear Julie.
Hope to see you in person this year.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hate to say this but i love the floor striped. so very cool. great stove too! can't wait to see the sink! what fun and anticipation! you must be beyond excited!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Julie, I always "run" to see your new posts. They are always such a delight! I love how you intertwine everything. The teapot is beautiful (as is the donkey/ heart). Thanks very much for showing the pin and card; I'm off to see more of those artists' work. Happy New Kitchen! Best. . .

Valerianna said...

So exciting to be remodelilng! My Dad put up some pendant lights in the kitchen for me while he was here during Christmas. Its amazing how even such a seemingly small change can make such a HUGE difference! Happy baking once it gets to that.

And, the teapot is BEAUTIFUL!! Especially love the owl. Been visited regularly this past week by my barred owl neighbor. You can see a pic of her on my blog :)

Lisa Graham said...

Wow...your teapot!!!!

Your kitchen DOES look like a great place to bake anything with ginger in it. :) Just lovely.

Lori ann said...

julie that teapot. oh dear me you could do a post on it alone, it's extrodinary! exquisite!
your kitchen, oh how lucky, it will be the perfect backdrop for all your pottery.
i love your pin, i met mary at the waldorf holiday fair in goleta a few years ago, i love everything she makes. and that last photo, doesn't it just make you dream? that is such a beautiful quote. and a beautiful post my friend. :)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you so much Jone and Gloria and Joyce, Valerianna and Lori you are always so generous and encouraging. xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

Kitchens , this is what hubby and I do for a living custom cabinetry and Your kitchen looks so pretty, I can't wait to see the finish! That tea pot is amazing and with my favorite little wise friend on it!
Take care Heidi

Deb said...

Such a gorgeous teapot ♥
Your kitchen is going to be fabulous! I can just imagine your pottery filling the shelves.
Wasn't Downton Abbey fantastic this evening! An hour isn't long enough - Can't wait for the next episode.

Librarian said...

Love the snow owl on the teapot, what a wonderful idea!

Your kitchen will be lovely, and I actually like the striped floor boards. It is so good to not discard something simply because it is old (like the floor boards), but re-using them.

That tree house looks like something out of a dream.

Helen said...

We planed our kitchen around a painting we have of a cow !! So I know exactly what you mean!!!!

Lovejoy Bears said...

Julie I'm in love with your beautiful teapot, it's so divine!!
I'm really excited about your kitchen, it's looking lovely and I love the photo of the bay at sunset!!
Thank you for your beautiful posts they always make me happy :)
Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Linda Starr said...

Your kitchen reminds me of the one we had when we lived in Arkansas, we had a great stove like that and it worked so well, what fun to have your kitchen redone, it's going to be super. those chantrelles are exquisite in their color and shape.

leon 10 said...

hello jullie what a pretty the tea pot so nice hope that youre new kitchen wen it is done is very pretty too greetings leon10

Marie said...

Love the Farmhouse style! Everything will be so open and cozy! Can't wait to see the new kitchen :)
Love your new teapot too! The owl is fabulous. While I was living in California In Santa Ynez I used to have a beautiful white owl with a few specs of brown come and visit me. He was big! And there was a couple of brown barn owls that would visit as well.
Sweet Irish saying...

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You are so lucky to be getting a new kitchen. It is going to be lovely. I love the wood floor and am wondering what color stain you will be choosing. I'll look forward to the finished photos. The teapot is sweet with it's woodland scene.

Anna M. Branner said...

It seems there are several potters right now doing renovations...(I'm another!) The process can be so hard, but the result so worth it! (I hope!)

Are you still working on your Etsy site? I keep hoping to see some of your work available for purchase....

ShannonAnn said...

Love your teapot, and your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!!!
We all certainly need some deep PEACE in this new year!

Becca Chase said...

The teapot is absolutely amazing!

Flutterby Patch said...

Am I allowed to be envious Julie? Your teapot is a work of art as always and what a wonderful farmhouse kitchen yours is going to become. I should love to create one in that style. I look forwrd to seeing it finished although are rooms ever finished? I don't think so as they continue to blossom and grow as the seasons and years pass. Finally . . . where is that fantastic tree in Cumbria? It must be somewhere near me but I've never seen it and I must! Eli x

Mary Stanley said...

Teapots, mushrooms, treehouses, foxes, and owls...doesn't get much better than that! And a kitchen remodel, too! glad you like the pin...I love my fox!
And we have a kitchen remodel going on here too...taking a long time but will be nice once we finish.
xxoo m

gallerydarrow said...

Chantrells! oh lucky you, only you need a stove!

Love the goat and teapot, w o n d e r f u l !

Don't you love/hate the remodeling :) It's going to be perfectly YOU!

xoxoox Ro

millefeuilles said...

Happy, peaceful, creative new year to you, wonderful Julie!

Your teapot is a complete charmer. Details are so important and you always conjure magic in your creations. I love the fact there is Clare's poem and a snowy owl. Teatime would be the highlight of my day (well it kind of already is to be honest) with a teapot such as yours.

Your spicy cookies sound delicious. Are you a Tchai drinker, I wonder?

Warmest wishes from icy France. Thank you for another beautiful post.


Trudy said...

Beautiful teapot, mushroom pin, foxy card and soon-to-be finished kitchen. How exciting!

Patricia G said...

OMG are they real?! Love the teapot! I don't think the "treehouse" in Cumbria can be a real place.

Anonymous said...

Your new kitchen is going to be amazing, Julie. LOVE everything (and that armoire/tall cupboard on the left is gorgeous).
All it will need is some of your beautiful pottery, and POOF! Perfect!

Lori ann said...

julie i forgot to say we love the elfin forest, did you find the little red mushrooms there?

Madelief said...

Hi Julie,

That must be the prettiest teapot I have ever seen!! So much detail and lovely pastel shades.

Your kitchen is looking promising too. Looking forward to see more photo's!

Good luck with all the work!

Madelief x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Julie, Happy New Year belatedly! Love your tea pot, love the sunset, love and envy your kitchen. Lesley x

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Julie, your kitchen is stunning! I can't wait to see the finished product! Your stove is amazing, I just got a similar one, it's not nearly as nice as yours though. I'm thinking of having it restored - where did you find yours? I'm also looking forward to seeing your sink when it's installed. I know someone who is smiling down on your farmhouse renovation.

Your teapot is stunning, I love the design!

Happy New Year my friend!

Angela Rae Barribeau said...

OMG... I had no idea you have a blog!!! I am going to spend hours pouring over all of your pages and photos!!!!!!! Thrilled and tickled pink!

Helen Philipps said...

Such a sweet and magical post, Julie. I love the teapot it is beautiful with its woodland theme....I love the colours, the owl and the little decorated spout is such a pretty extra touch :)
The Irish blessing is one of my favourites......have you heard it set to music by John Rutter? (It can be found on youtube called Gaelic Blessing)......
Your kitchen is going to be so gorgeous, I am looking forward to seeing it. You must be very excited seeing it taking shape now.
Happy Week!
Helen x

Robin C said...

I don't remember how I found your blog but love your designs. Do you sell them? I look on Etsy but there is nothing for sale.

Are you in the UK?

Robin in Virginia USA

Pat said...

Julie...Well, I KNOW I will love your new kitchen just as much as the old one...which I dearly loved, as you know. Can't wait to see it finished! You know I love everything you do!! hugs, pat

Tammie Lee said...

your teapot is entirely charming! love the owl handle.

love mushrooms too, your pin, the photo, the pygmy oaks, i do miss the oak trees of California.

wishing you the best with your remodel, it will be a wonderful place to cook!

Vicki Boster said...

Julie- your new kitchen is gorgeous-- what I wouldn't give for a kitchen like that!!! I think it's so sweet that your basis for a new kitchen was a teapot!!

Your newest teapot is beautiful-/ you know we all love your creations so much! Your latest collection is my favorite so far!! I'm lusting after the bluebird pitcher-/

I'm loving Downton too-- aren't we all!!


Mugwump Woolies said...

Hi Julie...thanks for visiting MugwumpWoolies and becoming a follower. I have just recently found your Etsy shop and missed out on your last offering. Do you send emails or should I just keep checking every day to see if there is anything new? I think I see a new collection in my future...if only I can get to them fast enough!!!
Enjoy your day,

Julie said...

Lovely pottery & cute mushroom pin too, Julie! I really love your wonderful painting style ~ it has such a beautiful storybook quality ~ I wish I lived in that world with all of those sweet creatures.

I came to your site via a visit to mine, so thank you for adding me to your links. I look forward to visiting again!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens! You are incredible...found you through another blog!...I love your work and your home...not sure if you will answer my comment but if you do, what are Asian sugar cookies...I love to bake anything and these sound interesting!? Oh and to live by the ocean!!! How did you get so blessed?! I have recently gone into retirement...will have to work part time but I love being home and want to just work on my art...thank you for the inspiration...what a nice place to come and visit...will one day get some of your spoons....oh, oh, oh!!!db

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