Wednesday, March 30, 2011

beautiful japan

Japan is rich in many things, and symbolism is one of them. The Cherry blossom is compared to the fleeting cloud , its beauty and swiftness of life. I've been thinking about Japan and all it has given to the world of art and of culture. Not just their brilliant pottery, woodcuts and the haiku poetry but their grace and dignity in the face of this recent disaster.
Since the third century people have gathered under the cherry trees for celebration of life.

I have watched like you have how the earthquake and tsunami has seemed to weave them more tightly together, their stoicism and and sometimes selflessness heart wrenching. Like the workers who stayed behind at Fukushima , risking their lives so others might be safe.
I've made a bluebird perched on a mound of cherry blossom and offer it for sale,

all the proceeds to go to Save the Children for Japan. If anyone is interested, bluebird is five inches tall and six wide. **This little bird is flying away, Thank you so much , Jacki!xx
The bluebird because it brings luck and happiness. He is 90 dollars and that includes shipping.

Also a pottery friend , Maki, has a 1,000 bird project on her blog and is making wonderful bird chopstick rests, all proceeds to help Japan

The goldfish in Japan symbolizes perserverence in adversity, watching them takes the viewer to otherworldly states, as these rabbits will testify to!The temple bell stops.

But the sound keeps coming

out of the flowers




Monday, March 7, 2011


1810 was a banner year for crafts. Samplers, silouettes, and paper mache flourished.
In Staffordshire, the world's pottery center in 1810, classical themes were abandoned and potteries began to represent current events in their pieces. This couple are wearing the fashions of the time. Tee Totaling was popular, but you can see the mister isn't too happy about it.
This was made while Jane Austen was writing Sense and Sensiblity down the road apiece. And Beethoven was preforming live in Germany.

So when Ann Wood offered a tutorial on her blog, one for a cup that reminded me of early nineteenth century pottery, I printed it out and bought a tub of wallpaper paste. I have alot of pent up paper mache love. My theme for the cups is 1810, even the paper on the butterfly cup is 200 years old. When you moisten the newspaper with the paste its very much like clay. And the pattern is so refined; Ann is not only brilliant, but generous.

Here is a pile of paper crockery of Ann's, showing how evenly she lays the paper strips.

One of Ann's other creations. All can be seen here:

French paper mache doll head of the era.

Just like the ones Jane wore as she dipped her pen nib into an inkwell and scribbled away.

I took Ann's pattern to the print shop and had it enlarged to make this loving cup.
The best part was adding the gold ink to make it sparkle a bit.

Listing as promised today and tomorrow

And over the weekend I went looking for spring.
I think I found it!

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw