Thursday, August 18, 2011

jam session

There I was all set to make plum jam, when I saw a flat of strawberries at farmer's market.

I added a few ripe nectarines too.

And inspired by summer's continuing bounty, I made some new jam jars and even a lid for an old transferware piece.

I saved the stems for the wild birds.

They seemed to enjoy them

After the jam was canned I took a sea break and got there just in time before the fog bank rolled in. It smelled so fresh and briney.

Passed the wild fennel whose stalks I add to my spagetti sauce.

Time to test the jam.

With strawberry tea and scones. The jam is okay. I can taste the lemon and the nectarine adds a nice sharpness.

The red winged blackbirds in the berry bushes are saying fall will visit soon. So I've got a small listing ready.

Wishing you a lovely weekend in your snug house this weekend. I'm now searching for a strawberry jam tart recipie. I think you know why!



Animals who garden

Animals who garden
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