Friday, October 22, 2010

Woodland visitor

I walked right up to a moose once. Being ten years old, I didn't have the sense to be scared, only amazed at the size of his gargantuan head and horns. How did those spindly legs hold them up? A few days ago, that would be a couple of great strides into fall, I had another woodland encounter. Only this time he wasn't in a parking lot in Montana, he was right in my front yard.
He blends in so well to the earth, it took a moment for me to become aware of him. He stood so close, I expected him to rear up, and braced myself to react if he charged. But he just stared steadily at me. That thatch of fur between his ears is the prettiest brown I've ever seen.

I slowly walked away and went back upstairs for my camera. I wanted you to see him too.

See how nicely he posed?

After twenty minutes and lots of clicking he stood


and sauntered away. Good-bye Mister Magnificent.

Update as promised .

Lots of woodland things. I bet you can guess why.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pot de Terre

I inherited my grandparents four poster bed and its under a blue flowered quilt in that bed that I used to dream of throwing clay while I waited for sleep. I had a setback a couple years ago and haven't been at the wheel since. But we've set it up again, repaired frayed cords and I'm back in the batter's box. When I first stared my pottery in the nineties, I called it Pot de Terre.(Pots of Earth)
Carolyn, Kary, Sue, do you remember that?
Throwing again means olive oil bottles, cups and pitchers,

and teapots. Here's one with Hedgehog setting out a pie for a tea party. Fox is bringing an egg, neighbor hedgie a rosemary tree and rabbit is flying in just in time. The teapot has a stand or trivet to rest on too, so the table won't get a mark on it.

To celebrate , we took a trip to the apple orchard.

We picked Gopher Glen , its got the very best cider and twenty seven different apple varieties
After awhile your jaws get tired from chewing all the samples!

plums, pears, and fresh picked zuchinni and squash too.

The first thing I did when we got home with our bounty was to pour a glass of cider and cut up an apple. A limbertwig. In the bowl are spitzenbergs too, seckle pears and Santa Rosa plums.
** I want to here and now say that you, my treasured friends and customers never said a word about the lack of thrown things, you have been steadfast and kept me in business and I am
a lucky potter girl to have such loyalty. That I know.

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw