Sunday, January 13, 2013

deep peace of the quiet earth

I knew you would like these. I heard too that Chanterelles are growing under the oaks in record numbers in the Elfin Forest nearby. Yup, that's a real place full of pygmy oaks and ferns.

Its been months since I've done one, but I have made a new teapot all about gathering in  the woods. There is a poem on the back by John Clare and that's a snowy owl for a pull. But my favorite thing about this picture is the mushroom pin I'm wearing. Little white French knots and a stem made from bits of old cotton by Mary Stanley.
Mary sent me this just because she received one of my  fox ornaments from a friend for Christmas.
So I got a present too! The wonderful woodcut card by Clare Curtis came along with it.
Thank you Mary, I have already worn this pin three days in a row!
What else is new is that we have knocked out our old kitchen and most of the wall between it and the living room. The floors aren't going to be striped forever, Carpenter Joe had to rip up the old floor and re-used the old floor boards, so it will all be stained as the final step.

Now here we are today. The cupboards are in and the sink, the most beautiful sink I've ever seen, is on the floor. Kim just caulked the new seams of the bat and board ceiling and next week a built in shelf to the left of the hanging cupboard will be built,  and a hood above the stove and light fixtures. I've never done this before, so every time I need to get a light ; sink; pick a color or window I just think one word. Farmhouse. My start off point for this whole kitchen was a plain blue enamel teakettle. Kind of squatty and serviceable. And farmy of course.
Since its noisy in the house when the guys are working during the day, and I'm not cooking, I've been spending a lot more time in the studio and outside. Here's the bay near sunset.
I wonder who lives here? Its in Cumbria, U.K. They must feel the deep peace of the earth here.
That is from an Irish blessing, 'Deep peace of the quiet earth to you'.

p.s. the first thing i'm going to make are Asian sugar cookies three ways. ginger; orange; and cinnamon.
p.s.s. Downton Abbey tonight!
Thank you Connie for leading me to this Irish blessing.

Friday, January 4, 2013

fresh and frosty

Fox has been laying low for a while.
                       The doors were shut quite firmly, the music could barley be heard.
But she's thrown open the doors, and done some portraits of her friends and neighbors.
 Meandering through the neighborhood, saying fare thee well to the old year  having high hopes for the new one
Inspired to make honey pots

domes and even teapots which are drying in the sun but will soon be ready for herbs and the most scalding of water.
Very grateful for your visit, fox wishes you not just health and happiness, but that fate smiles on you and all your dearest wishes come true this year~
p.s. The wonderful nest and bird necklace is a creation of Nina Bagley, who lives deep in the woods herself

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw