Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seaside girl

Sometimes when I'm painting I'll toss down my brush, gather up the necessaries and off I go....

Here; to San Simeon Cove, where the eucalyptus grow right down to the shore

And whale bones wash up onto the sand , ancient wrapped in seaweed and shells
Tall masted ships stay for days in the cove for protection from the open sea
And Elephant Sea Lions lurk just up the coast and sometimes a stray camps out too

A few lovely Moorish buildings sulk over the scene, supposedly full of treasure.
But the real treasure is in the nature there. Phooey for the bullion and marble busts of Apollo.
Its getting late! I must go back to Gull Cottage now
I'm working on a large canvas and almost done; and I'm missing home...........
Almost March! That means spring, and sheep and the first vegetables.
I will leave you with this beautiful Radish specimen.
A watermelon Radish. Wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rabbit's house

The above is Rabbit's house, where the favorite topic of conversation is food and then gardening.
Friends have been invited for the first soiree of the year, and still rabbit is gathering herbs from his garden behind the house, can you see him?

 A gardener's work is never done..........

 All donkey's know this.

 Yesterday I had a 'clay day' here with a friend, right in the kitchen.   Soon this was covered with projects, tea things and food. My friend Vicki made some beautiful clay jewelry that I hope to share here soon.  That bowl is full of soapy water for our hands, you have to scrub your paws a lot when hand building.

 I've been making a lot of large platters and three legged cups
listing Friday and right now am saying fare thee well and heading back to the paint pots!xxx

PS I wanted to tell you painters about this fabulous palette I learned about from
Its a very light and easy to hold one, with a sponge lining and keeps the acrylic paint fresh and the perfect consistency. I also wet one of their palette papers and stick it in the back to mix paint I'll use a lot of, that red is from Sennilier and its called Quindicaone burnt orange, but its got a lot of red and mixes well. I've got the larger version of the palatte too, when I'm doing a big canvas. This little one is perfect for smaller works.
Dick Blick is where I ordered this one.
Happy Valentines day!xx

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw