Friday, December 20, 2013

under the big top
The animals decided a trip to the circus was just the thing for Christmas.
They'd seen posters by the General store in town.
They clicked off the tree lights.
Rabbit took a last look at her favorite Christmas Present, A signed copy of The Misfits of Love by Katherine Dunn
Some stayed behind
and played with their toys.......

But those that went saw the show of their lives!
Donkey balanced a ball and Fox played Deck the Halls on the violin.
Hedgehog surprised everyone with her juggling prowess.
afterwards everyone got a large piece of Yule Log Cake to remember the perfect Christmas day.
I'll be listing a limited and signed number of the Circus prints in my Etsy shop.
all done with archival inks and very colorful for Christmas!
Enjoy the yuletide
and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A night in December

Wool sweaters and neck scarves have all been shaken out of drawers here in Cambria.
Just a short drive inland and it fell to 17 degrees last night.

Squirrel couldn't wait to get home from his day at the river.
Snowman liked the cold weather and even stood for awhile listening to the night.
Squirrel made a cup of tea as soon as he got indoors.
Hedgehog made custards with  extra cream.

I'll be listing these pottery pieces on Friday (though I won't be able to reserve ) and a few more times too before Christmas.
Hope you are staying happy and warm on your December nights~

Sunday, November 10, 2013

fairy tale

Thumbelina is the first fairly tale I read, and its because of this illustration by N.C. Wyeth.
She was so small she could tiptoe along flower stems.
(by Else Wenz Vietor)
Louis Reed shows here how it became cold and Thumbelina must live with a filed mouse or perish.
That is how she met Mr. Mole~
who proposed.........
But a swallow saved her
this could be a reason I like tiny things;
little houses
and moles and squirrels I can hold in my hand.
Nevertheless I like making larger things too and am at work on some
If I can keep my hair from out of my eyes!
(A picture from a doings at my sisters; my poor family knows I don't like to have my picture taken but somehow someone snapped me when I wasn't looking~)
xx Julie
listing this morning, some ornaments and cups then a day out of doors, maybe I'll see Thumbleina if I look hard enough....

Saturday, October 19, 2013

from earth and sky

Butterflies seem like heavenly creatures as they drift by.

Their tumbling through my garden makes me remember those who have passed off earth and sea, as William wrote in his beautiful cursive  in this autograph book from 1882.
Sometimes when I see one, I feel a presence; my mother close by
or my dog running in the sky
It makes me happy to be reminded of them.

of my friend flying through the wildflowers like a bird
To know as long as I am here and remember them, they are here too.  Loved.
October with its glorious color and changing light is the perfect time for these musings don't you think? 
Wishing you a wild and happy Halloween~

Sunday, September 29, 2013

goodbye summer

When I stepped along to the place where I paint yesterday , an enormous yellow butterfly drifted by my head. That, I thought, could be the last one I see for awhile. So I abandoned the idea of painting fox on a picnic and painted the butterfly instead.
Good bye to late suppers with wonderful peeps like Duane and Amber~
They live to beachcomb and find the best shells.
Beach combing is a serious sport around here. The birds are always at it.
All summer I made this to quaff; water lots of ice and fresh mint, cucumber and lime. Plus you can eat the contents along the way of drinking it!
Donkey will miss the picnics

But there are compensations

Fall vegetables
bittersweet gathering

a favorite fall hat
Cambria Scarecrow festival, there are over two hundred all over town. American Gothic Cambria style in front of the Art Center.
A little sanderling having a fall feast
Summer is flying away, but she brings such beauty in her wake.
Here is your special seat to watch it all~
xx julie

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw