Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good night beloved friend

It breaks my heart to write that my best friend , Kary , went to heaven last Saturday evening.
This picture, taken on a trip we took to Maine, is so much like her. She avoided having her photo taken but somehow I got her to pose, and I love this. It was a very happy day there at a friend's house by the sea.

Kary loved all things to do with Autumn. This old hooked rug hangs in her living room. Her corn patch is already head high. She's planted corn and pumpkins in every garden she's had for 25 years.

Her best pal and constant companion, Teddy.

We liked to go to Diners, here we are at Dot's in Wilmington, Vermont. If you knew Kary, or read her blog, you knew she was an amazing cook. The best I've ever known. She collected cookbooks and used them, there's an entire wall at her house, all thumbed, and stained and used. Just the way they should be. She snapped a picture of me without me knowing as we walked up to the diner above. I sure am glad now.

We always stopped to feed and pet the donkeys. Animals loved Kary, especially horses would go right up to her. Carrot or no carrot!

One of her favorite places in the world. Mary's Pumpkin Patch on the Valley Drive near San Luis Obispo in California.

The best cook, the most hilarious story teller, a generous and constant friend. I can't stand it that she's gone. I'm sharing this because so many of you knew her through her blog,

She hadn't been able to write due to her illness, but loved all the friendships she'd made from you.
Take care and hold your friends close~



Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw